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New Travel Bug Race
welshsprite - 3-1-2015 at 06:28 PM

There's a plan forming in my mind.... a new travel bug race to start on St. David's Day.

More details to follow..... watch this space!

forcesofnature - 5-1-2015 at 06:43 AM

Oooh, exciting!

ermark1079 - 28-4-2015 at 06:19 AM

That is really nice.

ermark1079 - 18-5-2015 at 09:25 AM

Waiting for next update.

ermark1079 - 17-6-2015 at 04:36 AM

I am still waiting fro the next one.

antstr7v8 - 27-7-2015 at 04:39 PM

Count me and Amanda in for a new travelbug race. I am guessing that its St Davids day 2016 now Welshsprite.

welshsprite - 19-8-2015 at 07:14 AM

I didn't quite get around to it, did I?!?

Looks like you're right, either St. David's Day 2016 or in December this year. I'm looking for a way to celebrate completing my 366 day grid, which should be done early December. Any other random ideas to celebrate greatfully received!